Transfer your Mailing List

Is your current Listserv supplier planning to cease operation and you are looking for an alternative?

E-compass is a reliable Listserv Mailing List supplier. We provide a fast and easy transfer service to continue your list on our servers.

Three easy steps to transfer your list
1. Contact us via the form below, so we can discuss with you the details of your transfer.

2. Ask you current Listserv supplier for an export of your mailing list.  (MailTalk has provided a link via your ‘List Management’ area) Please note that any mail that will be sent to your list at your old provider after the export has been made, will not be transferred to our server!

3. Send us your files by e-mail ( or by a file transfer provider like Dropbox or WeTransfer.
As soon as we receive your list files we can set up the mailing list on the E-compass server. Your emailadres will become<listname> and the web interface to your list archives will be<listname>.

It cannot become easier to continue using your mailing list and connecting with your subscribers!

Inform your subscribers

Please inform your subscribers about the transfer and if necessary share the new link once the mailing list is fully transferred and ready to be used again.

Prevent delay

To prevent a delay of your service and confusion among the subscribers, please contact us to plan the exact moment to transfer the mailing list.


1 year = 70 euro / 52 GBP *)

2 years = 125 euro / 93 GBP *)

The contract starts the day the mailing list has been transferred.


Please fill in this form if you have any questions regarding the transfer of your mailing list or to let us know you are organizing the transfer. We will contact you as soon as possible!

Transferring a Mailing List